AHRC-funded Digital Resource Projects

The AHRC has funded a very large number of projects producing digital research resources, mainly through the responsive-mode Standard Research Grant and Resource Enhancement Schemes. By now over 500 in number, these digital resources constitute a remarkable corpus of research materials. They cover virtually all the main subject areas in the Arts and Humanities, and employ an extensive variety of media and technologies. Their effect has been, and will continue to be, transformative.

Our aim here is to list all these digital research resources. Please inform admin@arts-humanities.net of any errors or omissions. For more information on the corpus as a whole, see the detailed report by Anna Winterbottom and David Robey, who compiled the list at the Oxford e-Research Centre in collaboration with the King's College Centre for e-Research.

Use the navigation bar on the right to browse all the project records, or to view them by discipline, era, place, content type, institution, or method. Projects are initially ordered alphabetically by title, but you can sort on any of the other headings by clicking on that heading, and you can search within the lists.

Click on each project listed for full details, including information about the resource created, a link to the project website, and technical details about methods used. You can click on individual methods to find other projects that use them.

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