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Edit Record Project Title Grant Holder Project Start Date Project End Date Details Updated
British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus Dr Hilary Nesi 2002-06 2005-06 27/01/11
Clergy of the Church of England Database (CCEd) Professor Kenneth Fincham 2000-09 2009-10 04/11/10
Glastonbury Abbey: Archaeological Archive Project Dr Cheryl Allum 2009-06 2012-10 30/09/10
Silchester insula IX Professor Michael Fulford 1998-05 2008-06 09/06/10
Silchester Roman city: development of on-line archive for insula IX 'Town Life' project Professor Michael Fulford 1999-11 2004-11 25/03/11
Sound and Metre in Italian Medieval and Renaissance Narrative Verse Professor David Robey 1999-03 2008-12 26/10/11
The clergy of the Church of England database, 1540-1835 Professor Kenneth Fincham 1999-10 2004-10 24/01/11
The excavation of WF16, a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site in southern Jordan: acquiring new evidence for the origins of sedentary farming communities Professor Steven Mithen 2007-03 2010-12 25/03/11
The Medieval Palace of Westminster Research Project Professor Richard Beacham 1999-01 2015-12 11/05/11
The role of shell middens in the Mesolithic settlement of Western Scotland and the transition to the Neolithic: A technological study of chipped stone Professor Steven Mithen 2006-11 2010-09 25/03/11
The Rural History Centre Library cataloguing project: assimilating the MAFF Library Kate Arnold-Forster; Julie Munro; Rupert Wood; Richard Hoyle 2003-04 2004-10 14/01/11
The samian pottery industries of Roman Gaul Professor Michael Fulford 2007-11 2012-09 25/03/11
The Soldier in Later Medieval England Professor Adrian Bell 2006-09 2009-08 11/06/10