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Catalogue of English Literary Manuscripts 1450-1700 Professor Henry Woudhuysen 2005-06 2011-06 11/06/10
E-Curator: 3D colour scans for remote object identification and assessment Ms Sally MacDonald 2007-10 2011-08 29/07/10
English Monastic Archives: Access and Analysis Professor David d'Avray 2000-11 2006-03 14/01/11
Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Malcolm Godden 1998-05 2002-09 11/05/11
From Archive to Researcher: a Generic Tool Set Professor Susan Hockey 2001-10 2005-02 11/05/11
Heritage in Hospitals: An investigation of the therapeutic and enrichment potential of object handling in hospitals and other healthcare organisations Dr Helen Chatterjee 2008/12 2011/06 02/06/11
Landscape Capital and Fragile Communities on Antikythera, Greece Dr Andrew Bevan 2006-07 2008-07 25/03/11
Law and Empire, AD 193-455: the Projet Volterra (2) Simon Corcoran 2005-04 2010-08 05/04/11
Mechanisms of communication in an ancient empire: The correspondence between the king of Assyria and his magnates in the 8th century BC Dr Karen Radner 2008-03 2012-09 29/06/10
Memory and place in the 20th-century Italian city: Messina, Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice Professor David Forgacs 2001-09 2005-08 27/01/11
Merv, Central Asian city: a programme of ceramic analyses Tim Williams 2002-06 2004-12 14/01/11
Monastic Archives: enhancement of typology and database Professor David d'Avray 2007-04 2010-01 04/10/10
Reanimating cultural heritage: digital repatriation, knowledge networks and civil society strengthening in post-conflict Sierra Leone Dr Paul Basu 2009-02 2012-01 03/03/11
Reassessing ancient Egyptian crops, crop husbandry and the agrarian landscape Professor Peter Ucko 2003-11 2006-11 27/01/11
Spatial and chronological patterns in the "Neolithisation" of Europe Professor Stephen Shennan 1999-01 1999-06 11/05/11
Stonehenge Riverside Project Prof M Parker Pearson 2003-06 2010-12 11/05/11
The Bentham Project Professor Philip Schofield 1970-01 2020-12 24/06/10
The Lexicon of Festus: text, translation and full scholarly commentary Professor Michael Crawford 2004-01 2007-12 10/05/11
The origin and spread of Neolithic plant economies in the Near East and Europe Dr Sue Colledge 2001-07 2004-06 14/01/11
The origin and spread of stock-keeping in the Near East and Europe Professor Stephen Shennan 2007-01 2010-12 15/07/10