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"Admission All Classes": Entertainment for the Masses 1850 - 1950 01/09/10
A critical and bibliographical study of stars in modern French film 11/06/10
A critical edition of the Acts and Monuments by John Foxe 14/01/11
A Descriptive Catalogue of the James M. Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama 14/01/11
An electronic edition of the works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome 16/06/10
Analysing the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection in relation to regional and non-fiction films 1900-1911 11/06/10
Archaeotools: Data mining, facetted classification and E-archaeology 11/06/10
Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music 11/05/11
Children's playground games and songs in the new media age 01/09/10
Dialect Representation in British Fiction 1800-1836 25/03/11
Generic tools for linguistic annotation and web-based analysis of literary Sumerian 14/01/11
Glastonbury Abbey: Archaeological Archive Project 30/09/10
Identification of the Scribes Responsible for Copying Major Works of Middle English Literature 25/03/11
Partonopeus de Blois: an Electronic Resource 14/01/11
Phonetic design of overlapping speech in talk-in-interaction: A cross-linguistic study 03/03/11
Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court 1834 to 1913, Online 11/06/10
Russian Visual Arts, 1863-1913: Documents from the British Library Collection 14/01/11
Stonehenge Riverside Project 11/05/11
The 'Lands of the Normans' in England (1204-44) 25/01/11
The Beaker isotope project: mobility, migration and diet in the British Early Bronze Age 02/06/11
The electronic Old Bailey Sessions proceedings, c.1670-1778 11/06/10
The Old Bailey Online, 1674-1834 11/05/11
The Online Froissart Project 06/07/10
The origins of early modern literature: recovering mid-Tudor writing for a modern readership 22/11/10