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An investigation into what constitutes a reproduction in the 20th Century, through the 19th Century collotype process Joanna Montgomery 1999-02 2002-01 19/07/10
Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories Professor Robert Gildea 2007-04 2011-10 05/07/10
Buddhist Death Rituals of Southeast Asia and China Professor Paul Williams; Dr Rita Langer; Dr Patrice Ladwig 2007-01 2009-12 14/01/11
Capturing the past, preserving the future: digitisation of the national review of live art video collection Prof Simon Jones 2006-01 2009-02 16/07/10
Co-edited commentary on Augustine, City of God Professor Gillian Clark 2004-01 2008-31 11/06/10
Expanded cinema and screen media (ExCiSM): interactive aesthetics for a multi-screen platform Professor Adams 2003-07 2004-09 25/03/11
In an arena including digital and traditional artists' publishing formats - what will be the canon for the artist's book in the 21st Century? Miss Sarah Bodman 2007-11 2010-02 02/06/11
Metaphor in Creative Sign Language Dr Rachel Sutton-Spence 2008-11 2012-06 25/03/11
Papers of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 - 1859) Dr Mark Horton 2004-04 2005-05 24/01/11
Penguin Archive Project Dr John Lyon 2007-11 2012-04 04/10/10
Predicting the location of hominid sites in Africa and Asia Matthew Collins, Kathryn Holmes, Katharine Robson Brown 2002-09 2003-09 14/01/11
Stonehenge Riverside Project Prof M Parker Pearson 2003-06 2010-12 11/05/11
Wars of Liberation, Wars of Decolonisation: The Rhodesian Army Archive Project Kent Fedorowich 2006-04 2010-08 14/01/11