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19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music: Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice Professor Clive Brown 2008-09 2012-08 17/11/10
Buddhist Death Rituals of Southeast Asia and China Professor Paul Williams; Dr Rita Langer; Dr Patrice Ladwig 2007-01 2009-12 14/01/11
Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century London Database Project: Phase II (Leeds) - the 1830s Dr Rachel Cowgill 2001-09 2004-08 25/03/11
Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Malcolm Godden 1998-05 2002-09 11/05/11
From subjects to citizens: society and the everyday state in North India and Pakistan, 1947-1964 Dr William Gould 2007-04 2010-09 01/06/10
Inclusive New Media Design Dr Helen Kennedy 2006-09 2009-08 25/03/11
Leeds Poetry 1950-1980 Professor John Whale 2005-05 2007-12 02/06/11
Media portrayals of religion and the secular sacred: A longitudinal study of British newspaper and television representations and their reception Professor Kim Knott 2007-10 2010-08 25/03/11
Projecting Performance: Interrelationships between performance and technology, dancer and operator Dr Sita Popat 2006-09 2008-01 11/05/11
Reconstructing the Quseiri Arabic Documents (RQAD) Professor Dionisius Agius 2002-12 2005-11 11/05/11
Survival and Success on Medieval Borders: Cistercian Houses in Medieval Scotland and Pomerania Dr Emilia Jamroziak 2007-08 2008-09 25/03/11
The Electronic Grosseteste Dr James R Ginther 2001-11 2005-08 25/03/11
The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe, 1769-1787 Professor Simon Burrows; Dr Peter Millican; Mr Henry Merivale 2006-11 2011-05 25/03/11
The Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture Professor Clive Upton; Mr Chris Sheppard 2002-06 2005-05 25/01/11
Using visual display to explore the dynamics of metaphor in conciliation talk Professor Lynne Cameron 2003-03 2004-02 25/03/11