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An old-spelling edition of the complete works of John Ford, together with an electronic concordance 25/03/11
Buried treasure: rediscovering the Lord Chamberlain's collection of plays 30/09/10
Catalogue of English Literary Manuscripts 1450-1700 11/06/10
Children's playground games and songs in the new media age 01/09/10
Democratising Technology 25/03/11
Digital catalogue of illuminated manuscripts in the Western Collections of the British Library (DigCIM) 19/07/10
Digitisation of the National Archives' Calendars of State Papers through British History Online 23/06/10
Dissenting academy libraries and their readers, 1720-1860 04/06/10
Early English Laws 29/06/10
European Critical Heritage : The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe 11/05/11
Hidden Histories of Exploration: Exhibiting Geographical Collections 24/06/10
Inscriptions of Aphrodisias 2007 11/06/10
Londoners and the Law: pleadings in the court of common pleas 1399-1509 23/06/10
Repetoire International de la Literature Musicale (UK operations) 25/01/11
Royal Historical Society Bibliography of British and Irish History Online 25/03/11
The British Contribution to RISM Series A/II: Phase III - catherdral and private collections 25/01/11
The evolution of Rome's maritime facade: archaeology & geomorphology at Castleporziano 25/03/11
The Prehistoric Stones of Greece: a resource from field-survey 16/07/10
The Reading Experience Database 1450-1945 (RED) 12/08/10
The Saint-Aubins' 'Book of Arses': The Livre de Caricatures tant bonnes que mauvaises 22/11/10
Wa dictionary and internet database for minority languages of Burma 25/01/11