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19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music: Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice 17/11/10
A Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches 11/06/10
A corpus-based study of speech, thought and writing presentation in contemporary spoken British English 14/01/11
A critical edition of the poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym 27/01/11
A Descriptive Catalogue of the James M. Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama 14/01/11
A Linguistic 'Time-Capsule': The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English 14/01/11
Acta of King Henry I 11/05/11
Adolphe Appia at Hellerau: Virtual Reconstructions and performances 14/01/11
An electronic corpus of 15th century Castilian cancionero manuscripts; towards completion of the Dutton project 05/10/10
An investigation into what constitutes a reproduction in the 20th Century, through the 19th Century collotype process 19/07/10
Anglo-Saxon Language of Landscape (LangScape) 28/06/10
British town maps, 1470-1895: a catalogue and cartographical analysis 11/05/11
Buried treasure: rediscovering the Lord Chamberlain's collection of plays 30/09/10
Capturing the past, preserving the future: digitisation of the national review of live art video collection 16/07/10
Chopin's First Editions Online 14/01/11
Citation and Allusion in the Ars nova French Chanson and Motet: Memory, Tradition, and Innovation 11/06/10
City in Film: Liverpool's urban landscape and the moving image 11/06/10
Classical Archaeology and Art on the Web: the Beazley Archive 25/01/11
Clergy of the Church of England Database (CCEd) 04/11/10
Dictionary of the Scots Language 14/01/11
Digitisation of the dictionary of the Irish language 11/06/10
Early Irish Glossaries Project 30/06/10
Edinburgh City of Print 11/05/11
Electronic corpus of Lute music (ECOLM) II 25/01/11
Encoding an On-Line Electronic Scholarly Edition and Implementing an XML Prototype 14/01/11
European Critical Heritage : The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe 11/05/11
French Vernacular Books: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books in the French language published before 1601 14/01/11
Geographies of Orthodoxy: mapping the English-Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, c. 1350-1550 30/09/10
Glasgow Emblem Digitisation Project 02/07/10
Grammatical change in recent English (1961-1991) : a corpus-based investigation 11/05/11
Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism (GBBJ ) 23/06/10
HESTIA 09/06/10
Hidden Histories of Exploration: Exhibiting Geographical Collections 24/06/10
History in the Making: preparation of a genetic edition, dataset and hypertext of Part III, Chapter 1 of Flaubert's L'Education Sentimentale 11/05/11
Imagining history: medieval texts, contexts and communities in 'the English Brut Tradition' 25/06/10
Improving access to the British artists' film & video study collection 01/07/10
Jane Austen's holograph fiction manuscripts: a digital and print resource 11/06/10
Jonathan Swift Archive 25/01/11
London Theatre Bibliography (LTB) 11/05/11
Magnetic moments in the past: Developing archaeomagnetic dating for application in UK archaeology 22/07/10
Mechanisms of communication in an ancient empire: The correspondence between the king of Assyria and his magnates in the 8th century BC 29/06/10
Medieval Warfare on the Grid: The Case of Manzikert 02/07/10
Online searchable item level catalogue and sample digital surrogate of the Archigram archives 04/10/10
Pacific Pathways: Multiplying Contexts for the Forster ('Cook-Voyage') Collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum 14/01/11
Paradox of Medieval Scotland (PoMS) 17/11/10
Partonopeus de Blois: an Electronic Resource 14/01/11
Performance as a medium of learning in museums and at heritage sites - an investigation 18/08/10
Philosophical issues in genomics: an annotated bibliographic database of scientific literature 11/06/10
Race and Labour in the Cane Fields: Documenting Louisiana Sugar, 1844 - 1917 11/06/10
Reconstructing the Quseiri Arabic Documents (RQAD) 11/05/11
Scottish Readers Remember: Reading in Scotland in the Twentieth Century 11/06/10
Siobhan Davies Dance Online 11/06/10
South Cadbury Environs Project 30/06/10
Staging the Henrician Court 15/07/10
Survey of Saint Dedications in Medieval Scotland 24/01/11
The British Book Trade Index on the Web 27/01/11
The Cairo Genizah manuscripts: Taylor-Schechter Old Series and the Mosseri Collection 19/07/10
The complete work of Charles Darwin online 11/06/10
The decipherment, description and online accessibility of 16,500 medieval Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic Genizah manuscripts 17/07/10
The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) 14/01/11
The Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels 14/01/11
The Forgotten Migrants: A Cultural History of Postwar British Migrants Who Returned 'Home' from Australia 11/05/11
The Italian Academies 1530-1650: a themed collection database 11/06/10
The Listening Gallery: Integrating Music with Exhibitions and Gallery Displays, Medieval to Baroque 12/08/10
The Medieval Palace of Westminster Research Project 11/05/11
The Online Froissart Project 06/07/10
The origin and spread of Neolithic plant economies in the Near East and Europe 14/01/11
The origin and spread of stock-keeping in the Near East and Europe 15/07/10
The Prehistoric Stones of Greece: a resource from field-survey 16/07/10
The Scottish Parliament Project 11/05/11
The Shahnama Project 11/06/10
The Soldier in Later Medieval England 11/06/10
Tibetan visual history 1920-1950: an online resource 05/07/10
Transnational Communities: towards a sense of belonging 22/11/10
Urban waterfront geoarchaeology in the Netherlands and the UK: a comparison 24/01/11
Verbum: the old Latin translation of the gospel of John 14/01/11
Who Were the Nuns? 11/05/11
Women in Modern Irish Culture 20/07/10