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"Admission All Classes": Entertainment for the Masses 1850 - 1950
"It was forty years ago today...": Locating the Early History of Performance Art in Wales 1965-1979
'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration in Post-conflict Northern Ireland
1641 Depositions
18th-Century Parliamentary Papers
19th Century Pamphlets Online
19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music: Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice
3D Reconstruction of the Unbuilt Project Pont destiné à réunir la France à l’Italie (1829) by Henri Labrouste
A Bilingual On-line Bibliography of Welsh-English Literary Translations
A Catalogue of Medieval British Manuscripts Containing Commentaries on Aristotle
A Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches
A corpus-based study of speech, thought and writing presentation in contemporary spoken British English
A critical and bibliographical study of stars in modern French film
A critical edition of the Acts and Monuments by John Foxe
A critical edition of the poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym
A critical study of the Bailun, Aryadeva's 'Treatise in One Hundred Verses' (Sata sastra)
A database for provenance research of Chinese works of art, piloting the Burrell Collection
A Descriptive Catalogue of the James M. Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama
A digital edition of the Commedia of Dante Alighieri, part two
A digital edition of the Vernon Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Eng.poet.a.1)
A Digital Library of Core e-Resources on Ireland
A historical corpus of the Welsh language
A Key to English Place-Names
A Linguistic 'Time-Capsule': The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English
A revised and augmented edition of P H Sawyer's catalogue of Anglo-Saxon charters
A scholarly digital edition of Codex Sinaiticus, published on the internet
A searchable, standards based catalogue of the Calum Maclean collection of Gaelic oral narrative
A Shape Retrieval System for Watermark Images
A Supplement to the Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language
A Tibetan woman-lama and her reincarnations: a study of the bSam-sdings rDor-je phag-mo (15th-21st century)
A trial electronic edition of the Preface to 'Ancrene Wisse' for the Early English Text Society
A typology of defectiveness
A Vision of Britain through Time
A web-mounted database of mid-Victorian wood engraved illustration
Access to Russian Music: Catalogue of published works: Serge Prokofiev Archive, Centre for Russian Music
Acta of King Henry I
Activated Space: the transformation of internal spaces to become audible and interactive
Adolphe Appia at Hellerau: Virtual Reconstructions and performances
Advanced Research in Aesthetics in the Digital Arts (ARiADA); Sonic Arts Research Archive (SARA)
After Slavery: Race, Labour and Politics in the Post-Emancipation Carolinas
An anthropological investigation of bird sound
An economy in chaos? Analysis of Roman silver coins, Nero to Septimius Severus
An electronic catalogue of vernacular manuscript books of the Medieval WestMidlands
An electronic corpus of 15th century Castilian cancionero manuscripts; towards completion of the Dutton project
An electronic corpus of medieval Welsh prose
An electronic edition of Domesday Book (1086): interlinked translation, facsimile, databases, mapping, scholarly commentary, software
An Electronic Edition of Piers Plowman in Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.31
An electronic edition of the works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome
An electronic version of Peter Clement Bartrum's Welsh Genealogies AD.300-1500
An English/Greek terminology for the structures and materials of Byzantine and Greek bookbinding
An exploration of the potential for new narrative experiences in first person perspective gaming.
An Imperial Frontier and its Landscape: the Gorgan and Tammisha Walls in North-East Iran
An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio
An inventory of script categories and spellings in eleventh-century English
An investigation into what constitutes a reproduction in the 20th Century, through the 19th Century collotype process
An old-spelling edition of the complete works of John Ford, together with an electronic concordance
An online centre for British data on religion (British Religion in Numbers: BRIN)
Analysing the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection in relation to regional and non-fiction films 1900-1911
Anglia Television at the East Anglian Film Archive: A Catalogue of the Collection, 1959 to 2000
Anglo-Saxon Cluster
Anglo-Saxon landscape and economy: using portable antiquities to study Anglo-Saxon and Viking England
Anglo-Saxon Language of Landscape (LangScape)
Angloromani: A structural and functional description
Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity (2004)
Archaeotools: Data mining, facetted classification and E-archaeology
Architecture, Mathematics, and English Culture 1550-1750
Archival Sound Recordings
Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories
Art and Visual Perception: Motion and Depth