Digital Art History. A Subject in Transition

TitleDigital Art History. A Subject in Transition
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
Authors / EditorsBentkowska-Kafel, A., T. Cashen, and H.(eds.) Gardiner
Keywordsart history
Abstract / Notes

This collection of papers represents the variety, innovation and richness of significant presentations made at the CHArt Conferences of 2001 and 2002. Some show new methods of teaching being employed, making clear in particular the huge advantages that IT can provide for engaging students in learning and interactive discussion. Some show how much is to be gained from the flexibility of the digital image – or could be gained if the roadblock of copyright is finally overcome. Others look at the impact on collections and archives, showing exciting ways of using computers to make available information about collections and archives and to provide new accessibility to archives. The way such material may now be accessed via the Internet has revolutionized the search methods of scholars, but it has also made information available to all. However, the Internet is not only about access. Some papers here show how it also offers the opportunity of exploring the structure of images and dealing with the fascinating possibilities offered by digitisation for visual analysis, searching and reconstruction.

A further challenging aspect covered in this book is the range of possibilities offered by digital media for new art forms. One point that emerges is that digital art is not a discrete practice, separated from other art forms. It is rather an approach that can involve all manner of association with other art practices and with other forms of presentation and enquiry, demonstrating that we are witnessing a revolution that affects all our activities, and not one that simply leads to the establishment of a new discipline to set alongside others.

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