Performance as digital text: Capturing signals and secret messages in a media-rich experience

TitlePerformance as digital text: Capturing signals and secret messages in a media-rich experience
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
Authors / EditorsCoartney, J. S., and S. L. Wiesner
Journal TitleLiterary and Linguistic Computing
Start Page153
Journal Date06/2009
Abstract / Notes

As libraries increasingly undertake digitization projects, it behooves us to consider the collection/capture, organization, preservation, and dissemination of all forms of documentation, including and beyond written text. While several libraries have funded projects which acknowledge the need to digitize other forms of text, few have extended the digital projects to include film, much less performed texts. Further, as more performing arts incorporate born-digital elements, use digital tools to create media-rich performance experiences, and look to the possibility for digital preservation of the performance text, the capture of the performance event and its born-digital artefacts must be considered. This article, then, presents a first look at the ARTeFACT project, undertaken at the University of Virginia Library in collaboration with an introductory course in Engineering and a student choreographer at Brenau University Women's College. Historical intersections of technology and dance are introduced, theoretical concerns of using technology in dance are considered, the processes involved in the creation, capture, and preservation of dance data are discussed along with the technologies used to produce an interactive dance performance.

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