Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
Authors / EditorsBynum, T. W., and (eds.J. H.) Moor
Abstract / Notes

From the cover: Cyberphilosophy – the intersection of computing and philosophy – is a dynamic and influential new area of philosphical research. This cutting edge volume brings together previously unpublished cyberphilosophy papers by authors from America, Europe and Australia in order to demonstrate how computing is providing philosophy with new subject matter, models, and methods. The articles are organised around five, standard philosophical themes; minds, agency, reality, communication and ethics. This structure serves to emphasise the continuing relevance of computing to the traditional philosophical enterprise.

This is the second of two related anthologies published in co-operation with the journal Metaphilosophy; the first volume, The Digital Phoenix, is also available from Blackwell Publishing. Both books will be of interest to professional philosophers who want to keep up with the latest important developments in their field, but are also accessible enough to form the basis of a university course on cyberphilosophy.

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