Choosing an XML Editor

TitleChoosing an XML Editor
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2004
Authors / Editorsvan den Broek, T.
KeywordseXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Abstract / Notes

More and more people are working with texts and documents in XML format. With the increasing popularity of XML, the number of XML editors is also increasing and it can be difficult to choose the editor that best suits a particular user or task. The aim of this Information Paper is to provide an introduction to different features XML editors can have and the extent to which these features are implemented in various editors. It also presents the result of an evaluation exercise where different user groups tried a number of the editors.

The paper is based on a study by Thijs van den Broek Benchmarking XML editors, undertaken in 2004. The study consisted of a literature search, surveys to identify user needs, current usage, existing editors, and (existing and desired) features of editors, as well as an evaluation exercise. For further details about the study, contact AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics.

The paper first outlines the different types of XML editors that are available and their main characteristics (Section 2). Thirty different features of XML editors that were identified as useful by the benchmarking exercise (van den Broek 2004) are then outlined (Section 3), followed by tables showing how these are implemented within different editors (Section 4). Finally, the twenty editors evaluated in the benchmarking exercise are presented, highlighting the editors which were preferred by four different types of users (Section 5).

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