Michael Krause: How Nikola Tesla Invented the 20th Century


IMPORTANT: please note that the lectures will take place in different locations, and that the Tesla Talk will not be in the usual lecture theatre.

Because the lecture is likely to be of interest to broad audiences, our speaker has kindly agreed to deliver the lecture twice on the same day, with a special lunchtime session in addition to the usual Tesla evening Talks. Please feel free to choose the time that suits you best.

1) time and location: 1pm - 2pm, UCL (University College London),
Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, WC1E 6BT

2) time and location: 6pm – 7pm, UCL (University College London),
Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

(for information on how to find the locations please scroll down)


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) invented the AC (alternating current) system and the radio. His ‘world system’ anticipated our modern global network, like the Internet. Tesla’s life is like a thriller about science, money and power – he’s a character of worldwide significance to be rediscovered.

The presentation is based on the book “How Nikola Tesla Invented the 20th Century”. The biography tells the story of Tesla’s life and analyses his impact on the development of our modern world. Tesla’s significance is derived from well-researched facts, without speculative conspiracy theories. His story is told as a fascinating mix of ingenious inventiveness and narcissistic hubris against the background of the birth of modernity. Myths and facts are separated to paint the picture of Nikola Tesla as the intellectual founding father of our modern world.

Michael Krause produced the documentary film “All About Tesla-The Research” (82 Min., 2007). He has one of the most comprehensive collections of texts, books and films about Nikola Tesla.

How to find the Darwin Lecture Theatre:

The Darwin Lecture Theatre is located in basement of UCL’s Darwin Building, along Gower Street, near the intersection with Torrington Place. (At the corner is a Waterstone”s Bookseller.) You cannot enter through the Gower Street entrance. Enter from Malet Place through the rear of the building behind DMS Watson Library. Follow the stairway to the basement, turn right for the Theatre.

How to find the Garwood Lecture Theatre:

Once you enter the main UCL gate at Gower Street, you will face the Portico in the UCL quadrangle courtyard. Please take the right hand side diagonal and walk to the right corner of the building. You will see the brass table indicating South Wing. Enter the second entrance door at the South Wing, and you will find the Garwood Lecture Theatre on the second floor. There will be signs from the entrance that will help you to find the exact location easily.

(please find map in the attachment)

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