Complete Calendars of State Papers to go online

For those of you who don't know about them, the Calendars of State Papers are a massive editorial undertaking leading to a massive series of even more massive books. These books give an interesting insight in the workings of the English and British governments in the early modern period and also allow glimpses into a much wider international context: They contain letters from foreign ambassadors, summaries of internal documents and many other interesting minor and mayor sources.

Some of the calendars are available via British History Online. Using this resource, you can, for instance, learn that King James I. spent '500£. for secret service money' in November 1608:

The Institute of Historical Research has just announced that the AHRC have awarded them £414,000 to 'support the digitisation and publication of the remaining 293 volumes (...) as free content.'

The keyword in this announcement is free, as some of the other calendars will only be available 'as 'Premium' subscription content'. Although this might sometimes be necessary to finance such undertakings, it can be hoped that eventually all calendars will be made available over the internet for free.

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