blog: And, Chapters 41-52 (Conclusion)

"The elements of the dinner-parties which Mrs Lennox gave, were beauty, men, and pedantic conversation. They talked in a sensuous way outside, lashed themselves when they were alone, and squandered their capabilities in the drawing-room." [read more...]

Centre for e-Research (CeRch) Seminar Series

A wide-ranging programme of events organised every term by CeRch. Seminars are held fortnightly during term time and start at 18:15.

The series provides a venue for discussion and engagement of all areas of e-Research, defined broadly as the design and development of computational methods and technologies, especially where they interact with a range of other fields. [read more...]

blog: Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Parts 3 & 4)

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The tenth and eleventh in a series of 10-minute videos about the adventures and frustrations of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) General Practitioner. In Appraisal Part 3, Dr Hairy and Dr Underslider have their appraisals - and Dr Gladstone is cornered at the Cricket Club - with hilarious results! In Part 4, Dr Hairy has to attend a Professional Development meeting - also with hilarious results! [read more...]

Thousands of pounds available for researchers who want to travel

If you use software in your research and you have a good understanding of what’s happening in your field (and an idea about what will be happening soon) then the Software Sustainability Institute want to hear from you. The institute will pay researchers from any discipline up to £3000 a year to attend conferences and report on the latest developments in their field.
Interested? Visit to find out how to apply.

Closing date: 8 August 2011 [read more...]

blog: And, Chapters 33-40

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"Gathering, gathering along the narrow street, came a hollow solemn blast. From each side of the door there were constant droppings. Higgins crept up carefully upon the stones, his glassy eyes, one half-open, staring upwards to the sky. Owing to the position in which he had been lying, the fore part of his head was bald." [read more...]

Call for Applications: DHQ Reviews Editor

Call for Applications: Reviews Editor

DHQ is seeking one or more new Reviews Editors to recruit and oversee reviews of all forms of digital humanities publication. The Reviews Editors work as a team to solicit and edit reviews of books, software tools, digital publications, and other appropriate reviewable content. The goal is to cultivate an active, international group of reviewers who can cover the full range of DH-related topics and publications in multiple languages. [read more...]

blog: Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Part 2)

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The ninth in a series of 10-minute videos about the adventures and frustrations of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) General Practitioner. In this one, Dr Hairy keeps trying to fill out his appraisal form - and gets some advice from his friend Grabber about how to do it - with hilarious results! The second of four parts. [read more...]

Michael Krause: How Nikola Tesla Invented the 20th Century

IMPORTANT: please note that the lectures will take place in different locations, and that the Tesla Talk will not be in the usual lecture theatre.

Because the lecture is likely to be of interest to broad audiences, our speaker has kindly agreed to deliver the lecture twice on the same day, with a special lunchtime session in addition to the usual Tesla evening Talks. Please feel free to choose the time that suits you best.

1) time and location: 1pm - 2pm, UCL (University College London),
Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, WC1E 6BT [read more...]

blog: Friday morning at the Surgery

Friday morning image

A short Flash "poem" about surgery work. The accompanying music was developed using Andre Michelle's lovely Tonematrix ( ).

- Edward Picot - personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange

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