blog: Blunt Dialectic

In 1938 at the XIV Congress of FID, a paper was delivered entitled A Method for Documentation in the Humanities, by A.F.Blunt.

This was used as a basis for a seminar at Kingston University in 2006, and then a meeting of the KIDMM group of the BCS.

It had associated with it an exhibition of work on progress in methods, documentation, KIDMM, and leading up to the Dialectics of Liberation celebration in 2007, a special edition of information, systems and social change, deposited in the British Library. [read more...]

Job Advertisement - post-doctoral researcher for CRUMB

University of Sunderland
School of Arts, Design, Media & Culture

Post Doctoral Researcher
Fixed term from May 2008 to April 2009
£27,466 - £32,796 per annum

The School of Arts, Design, Media & Culture seeks to appoint, a post doctoral level researcher to join the collaborative research team CRUMB [read more...]

Whole Body Interaction Workshop: papers and presentations

Thanks for all your discussion points. I have put some of the presentations and position papers from the Workshop on the web at

Links to videos of presentation will follow later.

Dave England

JISC Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT)

JISC Collections, in partnership with DataSalon Ltd, have launched The JISC Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT), a free online database comparison tool, which aims to help libraries make informed decisions about future subscriptions to online resources. [read more...]

Internet Resources for History

HUMBUL, now know as INTUTE, published a guide to 'Internet Resources for History' in 2006. Obviously, this document is no longer fully up to date, but it still contains many useful links and can serve as a good introduction to important resources, especially as it is free:

Futuresonic 2008 - Call for Submissions

Futuresonic now invites artists, thinkers and makers to submit proposals to its Art, Music, Ideas and EVNTS strands. Join us for one of the biggest Social's of the year.

A £5000 commission plus many other opportunities are available:
Art and Conference deadlines -- 5pm 18th December 2007
Music and EVNTS deadlines -- 5pm 7th February 2008

2008 Theme - Social Networking Unplugged [read more...]

Intimacy Performance - The Seal of Confession

This is Martina who performed the one to one encounter The Seal of Confession on Saturday at the Albany Theatre between 4 and 7 pm.

I am wondering whether anyone who has seen the piece is interested in giving their constructive feedback on their perception of the approach to Intimacy taken.

All the Best

blog: Renibot

There is to be an exhibition in February 2008 at the Dulwich Gallery based on teh St.Sebastians of Guido Reni.

This is the first upcoming exhibition since I started exploring here with a LGBT frame of reference, so as good a topic for a knowbot as any other. [read more...]

Whole Body Interaction: The Future of the Human Body

Sorry to have missed and been absent from the last days session of the workshops, but the speakers I did see I thought were incredibly insightful and enlightening on the subject of digital media and significantly of human interaction. [read more...]

blog: wifi access

Beginning to experiment with how much wifi access there actually is, and what you can actually do with it.

Started at the Courthauld, where I have a card for the library as a visitor, and find that I can't have wifi access and I can't telnet out to my site, nor can I access any other wifi.

So I am back to a 5x3 card.

Then to the RSA where this is fine, and posting from here. [read more...]

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