blog: Methods Network working papers

Full versions of the Methods Network working papers are now available on the MN website and in pdf format. [read more...]

Geospatial computing and history

This is just a short hello to the fellow members of the group Digital Historian - I am currently discussing the application of geospatial methods i [read more...]

blog: New directions in e-Science and visual perceptions

Yesterday, I attended the EVA workshop New directions in e-Science and visual perceptions. A wide range of topics were discussed at this event, so I will just make a couple of random observations that will not really do the workshop justice. [read more...]

blog: UK e-Science All Hands Meeting

The provisional programme for this year's UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, is now online at - judging form the programme it will be a couple of very busy [read more...]

blog: Digital Tools Working Papers as wiki articles

I have begun work on turning sections of the Methods Network working papers into a series of wiki articles and these can be found in the Wiki section of this site. [read more...]

blog: New on ICT Guides

ICT Guides is a service offered by the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) at King's College, London. [read more...]

blog: data ticking time bomb

Archivist, librarians and others concerned with the preservation of digital objects have been aware of problems such as proprietary file formats or accessing data on old data storage mediums for a lon [read more...]

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