Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis (CDDA)

About the centre:

The Centre is a research unit with interests in temporal Geographical Information Systems, the development of electronic research resources, e-Science and Grid technologies. It provides a comprehensive digitisation service to create key e-resources including capture of material, quality assurance, data post-processing and data delivery to user requirements. An image scanning service is also offered. It has a range of specialised scanning equipment (including flatbed, book page and microfilm scanners) and associated software and an experienced staff. The Centre is research active, both in terms of the development of new digitisation methodologies, and in using the computerised resources we create in traditional scholarship.

The Centre has a particular interest in GIS in the humanities and social sciences. This interest in marked by its publications, a number of which concern the application of GIS techniques, its grant initiatives, its links to collaborators, and its conference programme. It has sponsored a number of workshops on GIS in the humanities with a number of key players and has a regular training programme with the Arts and Humanities Data Service and the Polis Center on GIS, data digitisation and dissemination. One day workshops are scheduled for the Autumn of 2005 in Amsterdam, London, Colchester and Edinburgh together with an extended training course in the application of GIS in October in Belfast. CDDA has a visiting scholar scheme aimed at bringing leading scholars in the field of GIS and historical GIS together annually at the University.

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