UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

About the centre:

UCL is proud to announce the establishment of a new Centre for Digital Humanities. Capitalising on UCL's interdisciplinary expertise in information studies, computing science, and the arts and humanities, this new centre will bring together disparate individuals to foster Digital Humanities research and teaching at UCL.

Digital Humanities research takes place at the intersection of digital technologies and computational techniques with humanities and cultural heritage. It aims to produce computational applications and models which make possible new kinds of research both in humanities disciplines and in computer science and its allied technologies. It also studies the impact of these new techniques on cultural heritage, memory institutions, libraries, archives and digital culture.

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities brings together work being done in many different departments and centres, as well as Library Services and Museums and Collections. We also aim to collaborate with organisations outside UCL, such as museums, galleries, libraries and archives. Our position in central London, close to the British Museum and British Library makes this an ideal base from which to make such connections.