Indexing refers to techniques used to generate indexes of words in a text, in order that the reader can find information quickly and easily. Although indexing is still usually performed by hand, specialised computer software is often used to facilitate sorting, editing, formatting and printing.

Embedded indexing involves including encoded index headings within the text itself; from this, an index can then be generated. Even if the pagination is changed the locators will be updated and the index will still be accurate. Several XML DTDs, including DocBook and TEI, have elements that allow index creation in this way, as do most word processors.

Automatic indexing, using a computer, analyses frequencies of word patterns and compares results to other documents in order to assign words to subject categories. This leads to more uniform indexing but sometimes word meanings can be misinterpreted.

A concordance is an alphabetical list of principal words or phrases from a text, along with their immediate contexts. They can be generated using a concordancer program on a computer, which automatically creates the concordance using a full text search function.

Related methods include: Cataloguing and indexing.

tool: FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager

Open source Digital Asset Management solution designed for medium size preservation, cataloguing, media archiving and batch transcoding.
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