Image restoration

The term ‘image restoration’ refers to techniques used to digitally rectify known, measured or accurately surmised degradations of images, for example historic photographs, sketches and paintings. Image restoration differs from image enhancement in that its purpose is to restore the image back to its original, undamaged state, whereas image enhancement concentrates on making the image more aesthetically pleasing, and not necessarily realistic.

Contrast, brightness, resolution, sharpness and colour can be adjusted, to enhance the image’s clarity. Damaged areas, such as tears and cracks, can be fixed seamlessly, and missing portions of the image can be replaced.

Noise, such as dust or scratches, can be removed. Camera misfocus and motion blur can be reversed, by a process called ‘inverse filtering’, although if any noise is present, performing inverse filtering can actually have a detrimental effect on image quality as it amplifies the noise. Wiener filtering combines both inverse filtering and noise reduction.

Related methods include: Image enhancement and Photography.

tool: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an editor for still images. It is equipped with a diverse range of processing tools, enabling users to create or modify content through the use of drawing tools, filters, or other plug-ins.
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GraphicConverter, 36-image converter

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