Sound editing

Refers to the techniques used to mix, adjust, optimise and fix sound signals, either for audio or video files. Such editing can include speeding up or slowing down the sound, cutting portions, fading between clips, combining multiple audio files, applying effects such as reverberation and removing unwanted background noise. Types of sound can include dialogue, effects and music.

Editing dialogue is performed to ensure smoothness and clarity of speech, in order that the listener can understand everything that is said. Sometimes it is necessary to re-record parts of the dialogue and integrate this seamlessly with the original recording, which is a type of audio dubbing. In speech research, software can also be used to perform acoustic analysis of a particular audio file.

Effects can be created or obtained from a sound effects library or online search engine, and then synchronised with music and/or dialogue at the correct points. It is often useful to save the original sound effects files for use on future projects.

Music editing can involve mixing tracks together, creating a shorter version of a track, and adjusting its speed. Background music can be applied to dialogue, and combined with effects.

Usually, sound editing is performed using specialist computer software called a digital audio workstation (DAW), where different sound files can be combined and adjusted, and synchronised with video if necessary. Sound is represented graphically on the screen, which can greatly aid the editing process.

Related methods include: Audio dubbing, Audio mixing, Sound analysis and Sound recording and Visualisation.

tool: Pro Tools

Pro Tools is an audio creation and production software. With Pro Tools it is possible to compose, record, edit, and mix music or sound for picture — all within one system.
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Audio mixingPractice-led research
Music recognitionData capture
Sound analysisData analysis
Sound compressionData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingPractice-led research
Sound encodingData structuring and enhancement
Sound encoding - MIDIData structuring and enhancement
Sound generationData capture
Sound generationPractice-led research
Sound recordingData capture
Sound recordingPractice-led research
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Cubase, Reaper, Nuendo

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