Sound encoding - MIDI

tool: Pro Tools

Pro Tools is an audio creation and production software. With Pro Tools it is possible to compose, record, edit, and mix music or sound for picture — all within one system.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
Audio mixingPractice-led research
Music recognitionData capture
Sound analysisData analysis
Sound compressionData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingPractice-led research
Sound encodingData structuring and enhancement
Sound encoding - MIDIData structuring and enhancement
Sound generationData capture
Sound generationPractice-led research
Sound recordingData capture
Sound recordingPractice-led research
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Alternate tool(s):

Cubase, Reaper, Nuendo

project: Electronic corpus of Lute music (ECOLM) II

ECOLM is a web-accessible user-friendly digital scholarly resource centred around the musicology of the lute. By means of a guided interface, it supplies professional and amateur users with effective and efficient search methods (using words or music as queries) over a database comprising over 2000 pieces of lute music, which can be retrieved, viewed in tablature and (given a suitable computer) played back, without the need to understand specialist computer code. [read more]

project: French Piano Repertoire 1870-1920: Faure, Debussy, Ravel and Chabrier

It's best defined by the key publications involved: Critical editions of Fauré piano works (Peters Edition, London, ongoing): the first reliable and well-commented musical text for pianists of these important works Œuvres complètes de Claude Debussy (Editions Durand, Paris, ongoing): completion of the piano works in this series (various editors including myself), and now the production of revised budget paperback offprints from these library volumes Lifting the lid on French piano music: Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, Chabrier (Yale UP, now being completed). [read more]
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