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Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital Performance.

Discussion Forum Open!

As a precursor to the series of events that take place in December an online discussion is taking place on our Digital Arts and Humanities
group. Join now to contribute. To kick things off, Intimacy organisers Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] and Rachel Zerihan have kindly agreed to appear online for an interview to discuss the event and to give their responses to the theme of ‘being intimate’ in contemporary performance. [read more...]

image: Real Time Collaborative Art Making

Real Time Collaborative Art Making

The Digital Body

Discussions on virtual, mixed and augmented realities and their relation to the body

This group exists to promote critical discussion over virtual, mixed and augmented reality and provide a critical framework for tackling these issues. It is based on the Methods Network workshop Whole Body Interaction: The Future of the Human Body, run by David England.

event: Intimacy: Across Digital and Visceral Performance


A three-day event featuring workshops, seminars, presentations, performances and a one-day symposium, organized by Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] and Rachel Zerihan. [read more...]

Intimacy: Across Digital and Visceral Performance

Explorations of intimate encounters in performance practice, bridging across digital performance and live art

INTIMACY is both a group and a series of events designed to address an aesthetically and formally diverse set of responses to the notion of 'being intimate' in emergent and hybrid performance practices. [read more...]

Resources now available from the Real-time Collaborative Art Making workshop

We have, at last, started to collate and upload resources generated from the Methods Network workshop: Real-time Collaborative Art Making, on that wet July 20th.

You can find these listed on the Visualisation Research Unit's Web site: There will be more to come as we edit the audio and video recorded on the day.

Here are some of the highlights so far: [read more...]

event: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts conference

09/09/2007 16:00
12/09/2007 14:00

doing digital: using digital resources in the arts and humanities

A series of annual conferences whose goal is to bring together the creators, users, distributors, and custodians of digital resources in the arts and humanities.

DRHA07 : Dartington College of Art : 9 - 12 September 2007

briefingpaper: Digital Tools for Performance

The focus of this paper is to take a very selective look at some of the ways that practitioners have used digital tools in the course of planning, designing, ‘doing’, communicating and documenting performancerelated works, a term that covers an enormous amount of territory and is intrinsically cross-disciplinary, connect [read more...]

wikipage: Archiving and Representation (Performance)

Archiving and preserving performance and installation art works is a challenging proposition which increases with the amount of technological complexity that is included in the original conception of the work. [read more...]

wikipage: Performance and Audience (Performance)

Examples have been cited elsewhere (see wiki article - The Cast (Performance)) where the movements of performers have been translated into digital signals and have been used to animate or actuate virtual dance partners, either in the form of digital representations of figures (BIPED by Merce Cunningham) or robotic devices (Afasia by Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca). [read more...]

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