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EISIG (Electronic Image Special Interest Group)

Electronic Image Special Interest Group

Electronic images are ubiquitous and powerful and overlay the view we have of the real world with a surface veneer that variously simulates great depths of perspective, sophisticated aggregations of knowledge, illusions of movement, glimpses of far-off geography, representations of artistic achievement, and much else besides. [read more...]

Let's Talk about Collaborative Art Making

Greg Sporton is the Director of the Visualization Research Unit in the Department of Art at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. He is the organiser of an event called Real-time Collaborative Art Making that is taking place on Friday July 20th. Anyone who wants to join in this forum and swap ideas with Greg and his colleagues is welcome. You will need to register or login in order to be able to add comments.

Real Time Collaborative Art Making

Discussion relating to the Methods Network funded event organised by Greg Sporton - University of Birmingham 20 July 2007

This group is for discussion about the issues that will be raised at the Methods Network funded event 'Real Time Collaborative Art Making' organised by Greg Sporton at the UCE Institute of Art and Design, 20 July 2007. The focus of the day is on collaborative art making using networked technologies.

project: Digital Performance Archive

project: Live Art Archive

event: e-Science and Performance


This lecture is part of the e-Science in the Arts and Humanities theme at the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh. This lecture will be simultaneously webcast and available on demand after the event.

Daisy Abbott, Arts and Humanities Data Service – Performing Arts, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute - University of Glasgow
Summer School on Digital Representations of Performance [read more...]

event: The Potential of High Speed Networks as a New Space for Cultural Research, Innovation and Production


Active and sustainable collaborative research programmes between UK innovative Media Arts organisations, creative producers, universities, archives, and other institutions are to date very problematic due to access to funding for research and few opportunities for collaborative R&D projects. In addition small and medium arts organisations face structural and financial issues for networked access to the high speed UK Educational Internet Network ‘SuperJanet’ which can potentially open opportunities to new forms of production, innovation and collaborations. [read more...]

event: Real-time Collaborative Art Making


This workshop is focussed on developing and applying technologies in the Visual and Performing Arts, exploring technologies that can be adapted for use in the arts and networking technologies being developed for use in the blurred area between the visual and performing arts. [read more...]

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