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blog: London Churches, Part 4

"The Bank of England. I've never actually seen it before. Monolithic building, like a ziggurat. Staring blank walls, fortress-like. Two grey-haired bearded men in black overcoats, polished black shoes, pacing the pavement, side by side, both smoking cigars, deep in conversation. Incredible: like something out of the 1920s. Grey-haired men with cigars, controlling the economy."

The fourth part of a hyperfiction based on visits to churches in the City of London. Part 4 takes in the following:

St Stephen Walbrook [read more...]

job: Make Money Writing Historical Tours for the iPhone!

Past Preservers is on the look out for passionate individuals who can utilize Crimson Bamboo’s unique new iPhone platform, Rama, to make history come alive!

Uniting popular history with archival photographs, Rama not only adds a historical narrative to the walking tour, but shows snapshots of the tour route as it actually appeared. It’s the only app that captures the experience of being in Chicago after the Great Fire, on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day, or in Shanghai’s French Concession in the roaring 20s. [read more...]

event: Working Through Psychoanalysis 15-17 April 2011

15/04/2011 18:00
17/04/2011 14:00

An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Leeds, April 15–17, 2011

All welcome

The conference is free of charge but advance registration is required.
For registration and a conference schedule, please contact Workingthroughpsychoanalysis@gmail.com by April 13th

If you wish to attend the DM Thomas event but not the larger conference, please
specify in your email.

Inaugural event: D.M. Thomas, author of The White Hotel and Eating Pavlova [read more...]

blog: Schoolboy Daze

Nightingale's Playground image

New on The Hyperliterature Exchange and Furtherfield for February 2011 - a review of Andy Campbell's four-part digital mystery-story, "Nightingale's Playground", which appeared online last year. [read more...]

blog: CFP: Electronic Roundtable Demonstrating Digital Pedagogy (MLA 2012; Seattle, Washington)

Electronic Roundtable Demonstrating Digital Pedagogy
MLA 2012
Seattle, Washington
January 5-8, 2012

Discussions about digital projects and digital tools often focus on research goals. For this electronic roundtable, we will instead demonstrate how these digital resources, tools, and projects have been integrated into undergraduate and graduate curriculum in alignment with the MLA 2012 Presidential Theme: Language, Literature, Learning. Proposals may include demonstrations of:

successful collaboration with undergraduates on your digital scholarly project; [read more...]

event: COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities


The Center for Collaborative Online International Learning
We Are Pleased to Announce a Call for Participation in the COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities [read more...]


SUNY Global Center
116 E. 55th St.
New York NY
United States

blog: And, Chapters 25-32

And icon

"They heard Dixon's foot. A stern thought compressed her brows, and set her teeth. It was Dixon's measured tread. They heard her walk."

Continuing the abridged version of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South - abridged on the principle of leaving out all the important bits. The sinister Dixon may or may not be dead. The long-awaited Frederick arrives at last, only to be no more spoken of. Margaret fancies porters.


- Edward Picot

http://edwardpicot.com - personal website [read more...]

job: Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities, University of Georgia

Dept of English, Park 317, Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602
Tel: 706-542-2246; Fax: 706-583-0027; www.lap.uga.edu

Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities
English Department and Department of Theatre and Film Studies
University of Georgia [read more...]

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