Survey: Virtual Research Environment Collaboartive Landscape Study

The VRE Collaborative Landscape Study project is one of several studies commissioned by the UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to research on-line research collaboration in Virtual Research Environments (VREs). The focus of our study is to scope developments in VREs around the world and set them in relation to the activities in the UK.

The study aims to stimulate debate about the benefits of research collaboration facilitated by Virtual Research Environments so as to assist the JISC to provide services and strategies to support it. [read more...]

event: International Congress on Medieval Studies

13/05/2010 08:00

The Congress is an annual gathering of over 3,000 scholars interested in Medieval Studies. It features over 600 sessions of papers, panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, and performances. There are also some 90 business meetings and receptions sponsored by learned societies, associations, and institutions. The exhibits hall boasts nearly 70 exhibitors, including publishers, used book dealers, and purveyors of medieval sundries. The Congress lasts three and a half days, extending from Thursday morning until Sunday at noon. [read more...]


The Medieval Institute Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo 49008-5432
United States

event: ISEA2009: The Exhibition


Artists from across the globe will present leading edge art, created with
electronic and digital technology, in an unprecedented multi-site exhibition
in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Opening to the public on Friday, 7 August, the
exhibition will continue through August. ISEA2009: The Exhibition will be on
view at the Ormeau Baths Gallery, the Golden Thread Gallery, the Foyer
Gallery of the University of Ulster Belfast campus, and at sites across the
city in the public domain.

ISEA2009: The Exhibition addresses contested spaces, focusing on the [read more...]



cfp: ISEA2010 Ruhr

The submission platform of ISEA2010 RUHR is now open at

ISEA2010 RUHR is the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art, a major
conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology, scheduled for
20-29 August 2010 in the German Ruhr region (Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, a.

We invite proposals for conference papers, artist presentations, exhibition
projects, live performances, and art projects in public space.

Visual artists, musicians, dancers, designers, engineers, software artists, [read more...]

event: 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2010)


This major conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology will be held in the German Ruhr region (Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, a.o.).

We invite proposals for conference papers, artist presentations, exhibition projects, live performances, and art projects in public space. [read more...]



eScience for Musicology workshop - some highlights

-This text is extracted from an email I sent on the CCH internal mailing list.-

I attended the eScience for Musicology workshop at the e-Science
institute in Edinburgh on the 1st and 2nd of July 2009.

The workshop aimed at investigating the relevance of e-Science methodologies in musicology. The organizer Richard Lewis defined e-Science as "using technology to enhance existing research methods and enable new research methods". [read more...]

e-Science for Musicology

We are at the e-Science Institute at the e-Science for Musicology (, organized by AHeSSC in collaboration with the Purcell Plus project at Goldsmiths.

event: 4th Takeaway Festival of DIY Media


Visual Highlights:

A virtual choir that projects the head of a singer for each note you play.
A robot whose gestures are triggered by a popular travel card.
Jellyfish musical instrument.

Visitor Information:

4th Takeaway Festival of DIY Media

Control a robot with a travel card, have 30 singers at your beck and call from a piano keyboard and contribute sounds to a live musical performance. Just some of the reasons to visit the Takeaway Festival of Do-It-Yourself Media free and back at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre for its fourth year. [read more...]


165 Queen’s Gate
London SW7 5HD
United Kingdom

event: e-Science for Musicology


This workshop is aimed at scholars working in musicological disciplines who are interested in applying e-Science methodologies to their own investigations. [read more...]


United Kingdom
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