video: Intimacy: Day Three

The third and final day of Intimacy was a symposium, with feedback from particpants and engaging discussion. A short montage of which can be found in this video.

biblio: Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities

Franchi, S., and G.(eds.) Güzeldere, "Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities", Stanford Humanities Review, vol. 4, issue 2, 1996.

The Volume 4, issue 2 of the Stanford Humanities Review is devoted to the exploration of convergences and dissonances between Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities.

Sk-interfaces @ FACT Liverpool

Things have been a little quiet on this list for a while now. I thought I might just draw attention to Sk-interfaces series of events that are taking place at FACT in Liverpool ove the next month or so.

I attended a workshop yesterday (Saturday 2nd Feb) that got me thinking... [read more...]

biblio: Computer Ethics: Its Birth and Its Future

Bynum, T. W., "Computer Ethics: Its Birth and Its Future", Ethics and Information Technology, vol. 3, issue 109-112, 2001.

biblio: Cyberphilosophy

Bynum, T. W., and (eds.J. H.) Moor, Cyberphilosophy, , Oxford, Blackwell, 2003.
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