Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies

project: A critical study of the Bailun, Aryadeva's 'Treatise in One Hundred Verses' (Sata sastra)

The project began as a translation and critical study of the Hundred Treatise, a Madhyamika Buddhist text in Chinese attributed to Aryadeva (Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo Vol.30, no. 1569). Investigation of this text ultimately required translation of a far larger text, T1571 (Aryadeva's 'Extended Hundred Treatise' which corresponds to part of the Catuhsataka or 'Four Hundred (stanzas) Treatise'. [read more]

project: The Newton Manuscript Project

The Newton Manuscript Project began in January 2000 with a view to preparing 20 print volumes of Newton's non-scientific papers. Although we had stated in the initial application that that we would make the text of the proposed print edition available online, we quickly realised that the online environment now offered extraordinary and unrivalled possibilities for disseminating high quality scholarly output to a variety of audiences. Accordingly, we switched our primary focus to producing an electronic edition of Newton’s non-scientific papers. [read more]

project: Fontes Anglo-Saxonici

Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England is intended to identify all written sources which were incorporated, quoted, translated or adapted anywhere in English or Latin texts which were written in Anglo-Saxon England (i.e. England to 1066), or by Anglo-Saxons in other countries. The material is compiled in the form of a database which analyses each Anglo-Saxon text passage by passage, sentence by sentence or, if necessary, phrase by phrase, identifying the probable source-passages used for each particular segment. [read more]
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