Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies

event: Data Management Training for the Humanities - A Half-Day Workshop

22/07/2010 09:00
22/07/2010 14:00

Data Management Training for the Humanities is a half-day workshop to discuss how institutions might meet growing requirements for training in the management of research data within humanities research. The aim is to learn more about research data management training already taking place at UK universities, plans for such training, relevant scoping studies, and related experiences. [read more...]


Oxford e-Research Centre 7 Keble Road
Oxford OX1 3QG
United Kingdom

job: Summer internship at the British Library

British Library summer internship 2010 (two months)

The British Library has started digitising its medieval and earlier manuscript collections as part of its plans to make them all available to everyone online. The first volumes to be digitised are drawn from the Greek manuscript collections. [read more...]

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