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job: CADRE PhD Studentships

The University of Wolverhampton’s Centre for Art and Design Research and Experimentation (CADRE) is offering three full time PhD studentships. Bursaries are for three years, at £12,500 per year with full tuition fee remittance. Bursary students will be expected to be working ‘in residence’ at the University of Wolverhampton.

We are interested in PhD studentship proposals which are practice-led and theory-based. Potential students are encouraged to contact the following CADRE research supervisors.

***Art, Critique and Social Practice*** [read more...]

blog: DH2010 visual art/visualization, Thursday 8 July, Session 2

Getting ready for the visual art/visualization panel now, and got here nice and early to nab one of the very few outlets in the room (my first live blog of the day - on Humanities Labs - was thwarted by the lack of power). Hopefully I won't get in trouble for endangering the health and safety of DHers. The theme this is organized around is to try to critique the use of digital tools and methods in art history and history, so the focus is on tools and resources rather than research questions. [read more...]

biblio: Painting the Digital River:how an artist learned to love the computer

James, F. W., "Painting the Digital River:how an artist learned to love the computer", n.a., 1, vol. n.a., no. n.a., (publisher) Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., U.S.A., pp. 320, 2006.

This book is about art, written from an artist's point of view. It also is about computers, written from the perspective of a painter who uses them. Painting the Digital River is James Faure Walker's personal odyssey from the traditional art scene to fresh horizons, from hand to digital painting--and sometimes back again. It is a literate and witty attempt to make sense of the introduction of computer tools into the creation of art, to understand the issues and the fuss, to appreciate the people involved and the work they produce, to know the promise of the new media, as well as the risks. [read more...]

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