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event: Free workshop: community collections 27 July Aberystwyth

27/07/2010 10:10
27/07/2010 17:00

Free RunCoCo/Culturenet Cymru workshop: How to Run a Community Collection Online will take place on Tues 27 July 2010 at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. [read more...]


National Library of Wales
Aberystwyth SY23 3BU
United Kingdom

project: Hidden Histories of Exploration: Exhibiting Geographical Collections

This project considers the role played by indigenous peoples and intermediaries in the history of exploration, as revealed by research in the collections of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). The project is particularly concerned with the roles of guides, porters, pilots, cooks, carriers, interpreters, go-betweens and informants in the creation of geographical knowledge. In wider terms, it seeks to provide a model for new ways of working with well-established geographical collections. [read more]

project: Cognitive and Structural Approaches to Contemporary Audiovisual Computer Aided Composition

Recent research in Neuroscience supports the long-held belief of many in the Visual arts and Experimental music community that there is a sensory connection between our experience of sound and our experience of light. [read more]

project: The Emergent City: Access and analyze data relating to urban spaces to make informed, interpretive media artworks.

The increase of a technology infrastructure in the modern city means that technology is all-pervading, from CCTV to car sensors and tracking inside ourphones the contemporary global city landscape is one of data. This project aims to analyse the patterns created from the monitoring of this technology and turn it into audio visual artworks which provide new ways of seeing. This project has created and continues to create participatory digital artworks that invite viewers to guide data flows or to simply observe self-generating compositions. [read more]

job: The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) - general / artistic director

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project: The Prints, Bookworks and drawings of Birgit Skiold (1923-1982), an interactive 'catalogue-raisonne' based on works in the BSMT collection

Birgit Skiöld, born in Sweden, was a modernist printmaker who lived and worked in Britain from 1948 onwards. She ran the highly successful Print Workshop, 28 Charlotte Street, London, which was established in 1958 and operated until 1983. Print Workshop became a destination for international artists needing open access to a professional printmaking studio. This catalogue introduces Skiöld’s work to a new audience. It arises from new research into the prints and Print Workshop, her studio. [read more]

project: The species of Origin - Evolving a Contemporary Darwin Art Project for 2009

This project asserts the potential for contemporary art practice to re-imagine Darwin's work within a current context, to draw out, in particular, some of the most significant ideas embedded in his thought and of others. The investigative team organized three workshops over 2007-8 on Darwin’s Life and Work; Philosophy and Ethics; Creative Practice, with distinguished artists, philosophers, historians, curators and scientists. [read more]

project: Grippa - concept proofing and testing of anti-theft furniture accessories and design process documentation

The DAC Research Centre in partnership with the UCL Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science and in collaboration with Elisava school of design (Barcelona), worked with two bars in London (Wetherspoons) and two bars in Barcelona (Glaciar and Horiginal) to assess the usability of the latest DAC bag hanging Grippa design prototypes, for both bar customers and staff. Four bag hanging objects and five graphic communication proposals were tested during the two-month period in order to learn about the public responses to the designs, across the cultures of these two metropolitan cities. [read more]

project: Site-specific digital art as a strategy for shaping the built environment

Through the creation of two suites of site-responsive artworks that took place at Tramway, a contemporary arts venue in Glasgow, and the Britannia Panopticon building, which houses a former music hall and a working amusement arcade, also in Glasgow, and related publications and symposia, the project explored the potential of art - and specifically site-orientated or critical spatial practice - to encourage dynamic, individual, idiosyncratic and imaginative engagements with material heritage. [read more]

cfp: The Forgotten Voices of the Avant-Garde - Call for Papers

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A postgraduate conference co-organised and supported by the University of Leeds ( School of Modern Languages and Cultures), the University of Aberdeen (School of Language and Literature), and Queen’s University Belfast (Spanish and Portuguese Studies).

Part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Beyond Text Initiative, with funding from the Society for French Studies.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Ruth Hemus, School of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Royal Holloway, University of London.
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