e-Research South

e-Research South

e-Research South is a consortium of research institutions working together to bring e-Research technologies to bear across a wide variety of disciplines. Encouraging vibrant regional activity and leveraging individual consortium parts creates a significantly more valuable whole.

The consortium include: Oxford, Reading, Southampton, STFC, UKOLN, Brunel Institute of Power Systems and CeRch, in the Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) at King's.

e-Research South Activities

The consortium works individually and collectively in attracting new support for e‐Research activities. Domains being addressed have increased to include Digital Humanities, Social Science, Energy, and Space and Astronomy. Alongside this growth in innovation the consortium have pushed forward its original themes of Climate, Archaeology and e-Labs, with projects such as NeuroHub and the MRC Data Support Service plus community building and institutional embedding.

Driven by specific application areas and building on existing e-Infrastructure technologies e-Research South works to:

  • enhance the ease of use, uptake and ‘accessibility’ of e-Research
  • develop know-how & tools for dealing with research data
  • provide development of and access to advanced visualisation
  • create a regional community
  • provide opportunities for public engagement with science

For more information about e-Research South please visit the website: http://www.eresearchsouth.ac.uk/