Copyright and Digital Media

04/08/2010 10:00
04/08/2010 16:30

This informative and stimulating course is run by a leading expert in copyright. It looks in-depth at how copyright and other legal issues impact upon digital media and it will enable you to develop practical approaches to clearing and managing those rights within your own collections.


Relevant for both owners and users of copyright-protected digital media. It will suit those involved with managing or clearing rights within a digital media workflow, learning and teaching applications, or administrative and marketing purposes. Also relevant for individuals who simply want to learn about copyright and digital media in general.

* Overview of the legal landscape
* Nature of digital media and why copyright is important
* Relevance of digital licensing schemes (e.g. CLA, DACS, PRS and Creative Commons)
* How copyright fits within a digitisation workflow
* Strategies for clearing rights in digital media, including using the Internet
* Documenting and communicating digital rights
* Practical exercises using basic technology to protect and manage rights
* Pragmatic, risk-managed approach to making digital media available


ILRT, 8-10 Berkeley Square
Bristol BS8 1HH
United Kingdom
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