Preservation of New Media Art and Performance: group discussion

23/02/2010 10:30
23/02/2010 16:00

Small group discussion amongst invited participants to consider the challenges of successful preservation of new media art, digital art, and performance. We aimed to consider firstly the current situation in practice, thought and funding in this area in the UK, and then go on to identify opportunites for further research and concomitant funding.

A summary of the day's discussion is attached.

We hope to continue this conversation amongst new media art, digital art and performance practitioners, artists, researchers, collectors, curators and funders.

Your comments are warmly welcome, whether or not you were present on the day. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Laura Molloy, HATII


Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom
PreservationDiscussion23Feb10_final.pdf60.85 KB

DOCAM resources

My write up of the DOCAM summit and resources is now online through my blog post here

DOCAM 2010 report

Great summary, Daisy. Looks like the old debate of preserve everything vs. selection and appraisal still rumbles on!

Also good to know DOCAM has such a good set of guidelines and case studies.


DOCAM summit

Hi all, after attending this, I went to the DOCAM summit in Montreal which had a lot of papers and tool demos that would be of significant interest to this group. I will write up a short report of the conference with some links as soon as my luggage makes it back to Glasgow!

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