Seminar on Digital Humanities and Cultural Complexity: Research, Concepts, Practices

21/02/2012 17:00
21/02/2012 20:00

Digital Humanities and Cultural Complexity seminar lead by Juan Luis Suárez, director of the CulturePlex Lab at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. [Live streaming]

This seminar offers an overview of the changes that have taken place in the Humanities in recent years as a result of the digital revolution, interdisciplinary collaboration, and and the adoption of the Big Data paradigm.

Based the experience of the CulturePlex Lab at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, a presentation will be made of the research model used on projects such as The Hispanic Baroque, the conceptual and practical challenges of cultural complexity, an analysis of cultural networks, and the incorporation of complex system theory to the humanities.

An explanation will also be given of the reasons behind advances in Digital Humanities; open possibilities for research on culture, language and society; the conceptual and adaptive challenges of this paradigm; and some of the most attractive projects in this area.

Lastly, an overview of the practices and tools developed at the CulturePlex Lab will serve to illustrate the day to day work of a digital humanist, collaboration forms, and the problems we are trying to solve.


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