Summer School in Electronic Theatre


SET – Studio for Electronic Theatre and University of Greenwich invite you to take part in the Summer School in Electronic Theatre which will take place in London from 1 to 12 August 2011.

The results of the workshop will be presented at Tate Britain in November!

A unique opportunity to study and work on a theatre project led by three extraordinary theatre makers at the World Heritage site of the magnificent Royal Greenwich. In two week Summer School – while working on the adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex – David Gothard (UK), Hazim Kamaledin (Iraq) and Nuno Salihbegovic (YU) will take you on an exciting educational journey from the ancient theatre of ritual to the cybernetic theatre of the future.

The programme of the school is conceptualised to explore a form of ‘total’ theatre which embrace the best from the both worlds – traditional theatre and cutting edge technological innovations of the 21st century. The students will have an opportunity to explore hitherto unimaginable technological and aesthetic potentials for the stage. Designed to offer deep understanding into so far unique fusion of different arts, science, and technology the school investigates an unknown territory and creative potentials emerging from the established bonds between digital and analog, sonic and visual, innovative and ritual.

Students will be working on a concept in which the performers/audience – using their body as a ‘digital instrument’ – are able to take control over the visual and sonic elements of the digital media. With their physical actions, voice and gestures they can create and edit video material on the fly, apply special effects, control the sound, and even change the colour of their amplified voice.

During the professional hands-on workshops students will learn computer programming (Isadora), sensor (I-cubeX) and infra-red camera motion tracking, real-time light/video/sound processing, and creative projecting (using alternative projection techniques). This will enable students to programme and control responsive, ‘smart’ space making first practical steps into the field of electronic interaction design in performance and media arts.

The workshops will be accompanied with a series of inspiring lectures and discussions related to the history of multimedia theatre. Students will be introduced to Wagner’s concept of ‘total art’ and its ‘reinvention’ within the discourse of the digital era.

The culmination of the Summer School will be a series of performances of the students’ joint work on the premises of the magnificent Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

The School is aimed at students and professionals in the filed of performing and media arts (directors, designers and performers); visual artists working with video, light and sound installations.

Number of participants is limited.

Duration: 10 days, 5 hours a day.

Fees: £595

Accommodation available upon request.

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Studio for Electronic Theatre, University of Greenwich London
United Kingdom
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