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09/05/2012 18:00
09/05/2012 19:00

"Cubes, Rocks and Clouds: Multistable Perception of Art-Science Imagery"

In order to create works that transcend cultural boundaries, artist-scientists need to be verbally and visually literate in two or more disciplines. What bearing does this have on the way they perceive an image, compared to individuals whose research or practice is confined to a single discipline? In this talk, Amanda Wilson explains why she thinks that artist-scientists may exhibit 'cultural multistability', whereby their impressions of an image jump between interpretations routed in different disciplines. Drawing from Gestalt theory, frame analysis and the perception of visual illusions, she describes and interprets the results of her recent survey.

Amanda Wilson is an artist working with microscopy, digital technology, sculpture and sound. She is a specialist in electron microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy and immunofluorescent light microscopy and uses these skills as a foundation for her artistic practice which explores concepts of perception in both art and science. Exhibitions include: “Reflections of Research” curated by The British Heart Foundation and shown at the Royal Society of Arts, and “All Things Bright and Small”at The London Science Festival. Amanda is fascinated by perceptual and cultural ambiguity and how this modulates an individual's response to art and illustration.

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UCL, Grawood Lecture Theatre
Gower Street more details at http://tesla.byethost10.com/
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