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Blog entry Complete Calendars of State Papers to go online

For those of you who don't know about them, the Calendars of State Papers are a massive editorial undertaking leading to a massive series of even more massive books.

Blog entry e-Science theme

I'm participating in the e-Scienece Institute's theme on "e-Science in the Arts and Humanities" this week, and will post comments when I can.

Blog entry Use is preservation

Last Friday, Neel Smith gave a presentation about 'Digital infrastructure and the Homer Multitext' at the Digital Classicist seminar in

Group Digital Historian

Digital Historian is a group dedicated to the discussion of all issues relating to the use of technology for historical scholarship.

Forum topic Ian Anderson - Association for History and Computing


Forum topic Georg Vogeler - Digital Diplomatics

Georg Vogeler is currently a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) at the University of Salent

Forum topic Quantitative Data Capture and Statistical using Access and SPSS

I'd be grateful for members' thoughts on the following reserach methodology problem:

Research overview

1. I am developing a new way to analyse historical technical drawings, so that they can be more appropriately made accessible, by archivists, for research use.