arts-humanities.net is a collaboration between communities, institutions, projects and individuals interested in the digital aspects of arts and humanities research. It is also the homepage of the Network of Expert Centres and the Coalition of Humanities and Arts Infrastructure Networks (CHAIN).

The Network of Expert Centres is a collaboration of centres with expertise in digital arts and humanities research and scholarship, including practice-led research. This includes data creation, curation, preservation, management (including rights and legal issues), access and dissemination, and methodologies of data use and re-use. Its membership is open to all such centres in Great Britain and Ireland.

The Network's Aims and Objectives are to:
1. Advocate, promote and raise awareness and understanding of the use of ICT in research and scholarship in arts and humanities (broadly defined)
2. Take the lead in the use of digital methods and resources for arts and humanities research and scholarship
3. Develop and exchange expertise, knowledge, standards and best practices
4. Identify and represent the needs of the research community
5. Conduct dialogue with relevant stakeholders

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