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Project start date: 1997-00 Project end date: 2006-00
The Scottish Parliament Project, based at the University of St Andrews, was set up in 1997 with funding from the Scottish Office, and has since received its funding from the Scottish Executive and a number of academic funding bodies. Its main task is to create a new digital edition of the acts of the pre-1707 Scottish Parliament (c.15,000,000 words), the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland, with a parallel translation of the original Latin, French and Scots, to be published on CD-ROM and the internet. The final product of this research will be a complete record of the Scottish parliament from its origins to its ending in 1707. The inclusion of new parliaments, additional legislation and committee records and minutes will make the final project the most comprehensive and accurate record of Scottish parliamentary proceedings ever available. It will also be among the most accessible and technologically advanced record of any European medieval or early modern representative institution.
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The digital resource contains the complete manuscript records of the Scottish parliament before 1707, held in a variety of both public and private archives. The main bulk of the records are held at the National Archives of Scotland or the National Library of Scotland.
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In the nineteenth century an extremely comprehensive edition of the records of the Scottish Parliament was published at the order of the Westminster government, under the title of The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland (APS). The digital edition being produced by the SPP aims to include almost everything in this edition, as well as a large number of records that have come to light since the publication of APS, such as committee minutes and other material. In addition, we are adding a modern scholarly apparatus of headings and footnotes, along with the hierarchy of headings needed for navigation of a digital resource. It was decided at an early stage that the only means to an accurate and, in effect limitless, search facility was to create a parallel translation of the entire text. The purpose of the translation is primarily for the purposes of searching, but also has the benefit of making the text, which is written in Latin, Middle Scots and Norman and early modern French, infinitely more accessible to modern readers.
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Principal staff member:Dr Gillian MacIntosh; Dr Alastair Mann; Dr Pamela Ritchie; Dr Roland Tanner; Professor Keith Brown
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