arts-humanities.net is a hub for research and teaching in the digital arts and humanities. Our aim is to support and advance the use and understanding of digital tools and methods for research and teaching in the arts and humanities by providing:

  • Information on projects creating and using digital content, tools and methods to answer research questions
  • Information on tools and methods for creating and using digital resources
  • A listing of expert centres engaged in research and teaching using digital tools, methods and content
  • A library documenting lessons learned through case studies, briefing papers, and a bibliography

arts-humanities.net is a community resource and we invite you to join as a member. Members are encouraged to contribute information about their own projects, tools and research, to publicise events, conferences, and job vacancies, and to take part in and set up discussion forums.

arts-humanities.net is developed and managed by the Centre for e-Research (CeRch) at King's College London (KCL). It was formed in 2008 by merging two existing projects: the ICT Guides database of projects and methods (led by Sheila Anderson, development of the taxonomy of research methods by Reto Speck and Sheila Anderson), and the AHRC ICT Methods Network arts-humanities.net (led by Lorna Hughes and developed by Torsten Reimer). These projects were funded by the AHRC and JISC. arts-humanities.net is now supported by the AHRC..

A community resource

arts-humanities.net acts as a community resource open to collaboration with groups, projects and individuals who are interested in the use of digital tools, methods and content. It is open for anyone to join.

Currently, the following projects and groups contribute to arts-humanities.net:

The Network Expert of Centres: a group of UK research centres with expertise in fields such as digital curation and preservation. arts-humanities.net is both the homepage and community engagement platform for the Network.

We are also working with CHAIN, the Coalition of Humanities and Arts Infrastructures and Networks, an international initiative that facilitates international cooperation. arts-humanities.net serves as the homepage for the coalition and hosts/supports materials and activities.

The Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO) in Ireland. We cooperate with the DHO in developing classification systems such as the taxonomy of methods. The Oxford e-Research Centre has also joined this group.

AHeSSC, the Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre: contributes briefing papers and case studies and uses arts-humanities.net as their community platform.

arts-humanities.net also has a community advisory group that provides input and feedback on the development of the project.

Help / further questions

For all further questions please contact Valentina Asciutti. Please do also have a look at our help section and the privacy statement.

arts-humanities.net is built using the open source content management system Drupal.