How is my privacy protected?

The only information you need to give during the registration process is your name and email address. We will not share your email address with any other party and it will not be publicly visible on our website unless you decide to share it with others. All other information you decide to make available in your user profile will be accessible either to all visitors of the website or to registered members only - you can chose your preferred option during the registration and also at any time after that by going back to your profile and editing the privacy setting.

You can also control who has access to the postings you make on - they can either be made available to members of specific user groups or to the general public. All comments you make on others' postings are accessible to the audience the original poster has chosen.

Can you ban users from the site? What about spam and advertisements?

We reserve the right to ban users who post illegal content or use the site to distribute spam. Postings that feature commercial products or service that do not in any useful way relate to digital arts and humanities research/teaching will be unpublished by an administrator. This especially applies to people and companies that make postings to advertise commercial 'essay writing' services; even though this may not be illegal in all countries, we consider this to be a violation of academic values as it undermines trust in authorship. Users who are making postings advertising such services may be banned without warning. We do also reserve the right to ban users who use the site for personal attacks on others. Luckily, this has never happened and we work with the community to keep it that way.