A catalogue of digital scholarship

The projects section is designed to help you to build and use digital resources. It provides detailed records of several hundred digital arts and humanities projects, including information on the digital resources created and the methods and tools used in the research.

The projects chosen to populate the database mostly derive from AHRC funded projects. Emphasis is given to UK projects, however international projects of wider interest can also be included. If you are involved in a project that should be included please do contact us.

Recently published projects

Project description
ShipShape: solid modelling and visualisation of the Newport Medieval Ship from 3D digital record The Newport Ship, discovered in 2002, is the most substantial medieval ship found in Britain in modern times. Since its recovery, the thousands of timbers making up the find have been recorded using 3-dimensional recording arms to produce a digital record of the ship's structural elements. The reconstruction will involve using laser sintering to produce an exact 1:10 scale model of the ship. Research outputs will also include enhanced website information, journal articles and conference papers and the creation an exhibition in collaboration with Newport Museum and Heritage Service.
Heritage in Hospitals: An investigation of the therapeutic and enrichment potential of object handling in hospitals and other healthcare organisations How does museum object handling affect wellbeing and recovery? Are patients in healthcare environments an appropriate audience for museums? Can the impact of handling sessions on patient wellbeing be measured? UCL Museums & Collections and University College London Hospitals have set out to answer these questions in the research project Heritage in Hospitals. With project partners, we are conducting research which for the first time will investigate the effect of handling museum objects on hospital patients’ wellbeing.
Greece and Rome at the Fitzwilliam Museum The project is a collaboration between the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Department of Classics at Cambridge to redisplay the Greek and Roman collections in the light of new research findings and scholarly approaches to the study of objects. The display will incorporate labels, panels, a map and timeline; there will also be a series of hand-held information boards for use in the gallery, which will introduce some of the underlying themes that can be pursued in various areas of the room.
The development of the Celtic Coin Index The British Celtic Coin Index provides online access to all the records of archaeological finds from 1961 to 2001, allowing access to over 28,000 records and images of British Celtic coins. The original Celtic Coin Index at Oxford was organized by Celtic Coin Index number, a unique identification number indicating the year and order in which each specimen was catalogued. When Hooker & Perron built the Celtic Coin Index Online, they wanted the records to be easier to find, so they organized them within their own context.
Unlocking Historic Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean This research will make a step towards unlocking the history of Mediterranean landscapes by the application of a proven methodology pioneered in British landscape studies. We will map and analyse the historic landscape of terraces, fields, lanes and rural settlements that are typical of the eastern Mediterranean, and attempt to understand them in their historical context. The long-term history of the eastern Mediterranean shows that there are many different ways similar landscapes and environments can be inhabited and structured.