A catalogue of digital scholarship

The projects section is designed to help you to build and use digital resources. It provides detailed records of several hundred digital arts and humanities projects, including information on the digital resources created and the methods and tools used in the research.

The projects chosen to populate the database mostly derive from AHRC funded projects. Emphasis is given to UK projects, however international projects of wider interest can also be included. If you are involved in a project that should be included please do contact us.

Recently published projects

Project description
The Rural History Centre Library cataloguing project: assimilating the MAFF Library The library of the Museum of English Rural Life is the national library for the history of farming, food and the countryside.
Wars of Liberation, Wars of Decolonisation: The Rhodesian Army Archive Project The Rhodesian Army Archive project was set up by the University of the West of England, Bristol, in September 2006, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, to catalogue the extensive collection of papers and other materials from the Rhodesian Army Archive, which is held by the Empire & Commonwealth Museum in Bristol. The archive was deposited in uncatalogued boxes at the Museum. However, despite this richness of material, there was no way of locating specific documents, and no organising principle behind the boxes.
Connected Histories Connected Histories (Sources for Building British History, 1500-1900) will create a federated search facility for a wide range of distributed electronic resources relating to early modern and nineteenth-century British History. Through a combination of web crawling and the application of Natural Language Processing methodology the project will create a non-intrusive, distanced tagging of the data within those distributed sources to facilitate more sophisticated and structured searching. Using metadata and other available background information, the project will create a search facility t
Survey of Saint Dedications in Medieval Scotland The chief aim of the project has been to construct a searchable database with a web-site interface recording and mapping dedications to saints in Scotland prior to 1560. It is hoped that the database will be useful as a research, reference and teaching tool for the study of saints’ cults and the wider examination of piety and devotion in medieval Scotland. The database has been compiled through a systematic survey of published sources relating to the medieval kingdom and a significant body of unpublished archival material.
The origins of early modern literature: recovering mid-Tudor writing for a modern readership This project aims to redress the critical neglect of mid-Tudor writing, a period which saw the Reformation, the consolidation of the Tudor state, and the rise of English as a national language. The project team have compiled a searchable, on-line catalogue of literary works printed in English, 1519-1579 - the decades which precede, and lay the foundations for, the canonical period of English Renaissance Literature.