The body and mask in ancient theatre space

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2d graphic designPractice-led research
2d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
3d graphic designPractice-led research
3d modelling - interactiveData structuring and enhancement
3d modelling - vectorPractice-led research
3d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
3d scanningPractice-led research
3d scanningData capture
AnimationPractice-led research
AnimationData structuring and enhancement
Audio mixingPractice-led research
Content analysisData analysis
Disk publishingData publishing and dissemination
DocumentationStrategy and project management
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
Image enhancementData structuring and enhancement
Image manipulationPractice-led research
Image restorationData structuring and enhancement
Interface designData publishing and dissemination
Motion analysisData analysis
Motion captureData capture
Moving image capturePractice-led research
Moving image captureData capture
PhotogrammetryData structuring and enhancement
PhotographyPractice-led research
Resource sharingData publishing and dissemination
Resource sharingCommunication and collaboration
Risk managementStrategy and project management
Sound editingPractice-led research
Sound editingData structuring and enhancement
Sound recordingPractice-led research
Sound recordingData capture
Spatial data analysisData analysis
Texture design and mappingPractice-led research
Usability analysisStrategy and project management
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Video and moving image compressionPractice-led research
Video and moving image compressionData structuring and enhancement
Video editingPractice-led research
Video editingData structuring and enhancement
Video post productionPractice-led research
Virtual world modellingPractice-led research
Virtual world modellingData structuring and enhancement
VisualisationData analysis
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Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
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Durham University
King's College London

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TitleThe body and mask in ancient theatre space
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