CESAR IMAGES: a searchable online repository of French theatre images 1600-1800

Project start date: 2004-10 Project end date: 2006-09
The primary aim was to produce a single, coherent listing of all known theatre and related performances in France between 1600 and 1800, searchable by date, title, location, genre and by the names of the people involved in whatever capacity. The database was to have an interactive web interface. The second aim was to make the entire structure bi-directional, i.e. to take advantage of the same web interface to permit members of the international scholarly community, after a simple registration procedure, to annotate, comment upon, extend and correct any field in the database. Contributions would be vetted by an editorial team of experts, using an automated email alert system, before appearing live on the Internet. It is all-inclusive, covering plays, operas, ballets and extra-theatrical entertainments. Details of titles, individual performances, locations, troupes, authors, performers and other theatre personnel, contemporary printed texts and the libraries where they are to be found are all cross-referenced and can be searched under eight headings. Each item may contain data or notes added by any registered scholar. The collection includes a searchable online repository of French theatre images 1600-1800 - 2004-2006 that supplements the initial online repository (urn:x-ahds:pa:1027-1).
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The CESAR Imagebank is an interactive repository of images relating to the seventeenth and eighteenth-century French theatre. It includes all types of image: portraits of playwrights and performers, scenes from plays, plans of theatres, etc. We are grateful to the institutions that have generously allowed us to reproduce images from their collections: * The Taylor Institution Library, Oxford * The Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris * The Library of Trinity College, Dublin * The Harvard Theatre Collection * The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford * The Victoria & Albert Theatre Museum, London * The John Rylands Library, Manchester * The Library of the University of Montreal The database contains information on all aspects of the French theatre between 1600 and 1800. The scope is all-inclusive, covering plays, operas, ballets, fairground productions, street performances and other incidental theatrical entertainments of all kinds, whether they were performed or published or merely described in contemporary documents.
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CESAR IMAGES is a fully searchable online repository of images related to the French theatre and created during the period 1600-1800, each image being linked to relevant metadata.
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