An electronic corpus of 15th century Castilian cancionero manuscripts; towards completion of the Dutton project

Project start date: 2004-10 Project end date: 2007-09
When Brian Dutton died prematurely in his 60th year (1994), he had completed his magnum opus, the seven-volume El cancionero castellano del siglo XV, in book format (Salamanca: Universidad, 1990-91), but although he had used electronic preparation of texts, he was unable to fulfil the dream of conversion to electronic usage. We can now present the online website version of the Dutton project of courtly verse, alongside our own project of the longer moralistic, didactic and religious Castilian verse of the fifteenth century. You will also find some digitized images of manuscripts; although this was not part of the original project submission, electronic capabilities march onwards, and we are in the process of negotiating permissions to insert these alongside the transcription in text/image view wherever possible.
Subject domains: 
Methods usedCategory
Cataloguing and indexingData structuring and enhancement
Coding and standardisationData structuring and enhancement
CollatingData analysis
DocumentationStrategy and project management
General project managementStrategy and project management
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
IndexingData analysis
Interface designData publishing and dissemination
Iterative designStrategy and project management
Manual input and transcriptionData capture
ParsingData analysis
PrototypingStrategy and project management
Searching and queryingData analysis
Server scriptingData publishing and dissemination
StemmaticsData analysis
Text encoding - descriptiveData structuring and enhancement
Text encoding - presentationalData structuring and enhancement
Text encoding - referentialData structuring and enhancement
Usability analysisStrategy and project management
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Version controlStrategy and project management
VisualisationData analysis
Web browser scriptingData publishing and dissemination
Funding sources: 
Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), MHRA, University of Liverpool
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Source material used:  
Fifteenth and sixteenth-century Castilian poetry manuscripts located in Spain, UK,Italy,France,USA. Digital materials from project of Brian Dutton, El cancionero del siglo XV c.1360-1520, 7 vols, Salamanca: Universidad.
Digital resource created:  
Website 'An Electronic library of XVth-Century Castilian Cancionero Manuscripts: Towards completion of the Dutton project'. Authors: Dorothy Severin, Fiona Maguire, Manuel Moreno, Barbara Bordalejo Transcriptions and catalogue records of manuscript materials encoded in TEI-conformant XML.
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Open Access
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Metadata standards employed: 
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
Editions on website.

Institutions affiliated with this project: 

UK HE institutions involved:
University of Birmingham
University of Liverpool
Other institutions involved:
University of Barcelona

Project staff and expertise: 

Principal staff member:Dorothy Severin, Peter Robinson, Vicenc Beltran, Barbara Bordalejo, Fiona Maguire, Manuel Moreno, Duncan Appelbe
Other staff:Computing officer(s) / Technical supporter(s), Postdoctoral researcher(s) / Research assistant(s)
External expertise:

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