Greece and Rome at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Project start date: 2008-10 Project end date: 2011-10
The project is a collaboration between the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Department of Classics at Cambridge to redisplay the Greek and Roman collections in the light of new research findings and scholarly approaches to the study of objects. The display will incorporate labels, panels, a map and timeline; there will also be a series of hand-held information boards for use in the gallery, which will introduce some of the underlying themes that can be pursued in various areas of the room. All the information in the gallery will also be available on the website, along with further resources and links to follow. Public talks and publications will also result from the project.
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Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
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a) Pages added to Fitzwilliam Museum's website; b) Enhancements to object records on Fitzwilliam Museum's database, which is also accessible in a reduced format to the public via the museum's website:
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Open Access
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